MAC Metal-X

I will admit, when I first heard about them and saw the pictures, I wasn’t interested in the METAL-X cream shadows. I saw the swatches on Specktra and simply wasn’t interested.

Then, on a whim, I bought 6th Sin and Goldspice.

What fantastic color payoff. They’re smooth, they’re blendable. They’re true to color. They’re also a bit difficult to apply. You kind of have to find your own technique. For me? I used Bare Canvas as a base, then used my finger to apply a good solid layer of the product, then used the 194 to smooth it out and blend the edges. An unusual choice I have heard, but it worked for me. Once the shadow’s warmed up from contact with your skin, it’s MUCH easier to use. With Bare Canvas as a base, I had no creasing (which seems to be a concern for many makeup divas) and it STAYED. All day. All the way through my workout. Fantastic.

In all, not a bad collection, and I’m likely to go back and buy a couple more before my counter runs out. I’m happily impressed.


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