Skinfinishes in the spring of 08?

Well there are a couple of new MSF’s coming out with a collection called ‘N Collection’ at the start of Feb so it could be one of those?

MissEmc says there’s a new collection coming out called “N Collection”. How nice would new skinfinishes be?

Currently, the debate is whether the sneak peak at one called “Warmed” is old or new…
Here’s the thread at Thoughts?

Also noteworthy is a picture of a lipstick that sold on Ebay that was supposedly one of the unreleased Heatherette lipsticks. It sold under the name “Good Girl”, and there’s supposed to be a “Bad Girl” to compliment it.
If it’s really really real, the color looks nice. Maybe it’s a sample and that’s why it’s not in that hot pink packaging we’re hearing about, eh?

*Images courtesy of lilyeffigy on Livejournal and ebay auction.

Heatherette for those unfamiliar with MAC’s collaborators for this collection.


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