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So today…

at the MAC store, I was talking to the manager and she said that the reason the Originals collection was bumped up was that the sales of the holiday line were so brisk, MAC corporate had to move the date up to prevent a huge gap in collection releases.


JustĀ  sayin’.


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Swatch of Fafi Quad from JeffreyGirl on Specktra.net!

Jeffreygirl's swatch of the Fafi quad @ Specktra.net

Specktra.net Beauty Blog!

Colors are listed as Vanilla, Hey, Pink Venus, and Howzat…

I admit Vanilla isn’t one of my favorite shadows, and pinks and blues aren’t fantastic on me, but whatever…the quad is gorgeous, and the packaging is fantastic.

Me likey.

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Fafi Product images…

Oh my golly look at these!!! Thank you Ka-ron @ Specktra.net for posting these images! They’re freaking awesome. How fantastic does this collection look? Really? Oh wow.

Found on Specktra.net, posted by Ka-ron

Found on Specktra.net posted by Ka-ron

Found on Specktra.net Posted by Ka-ron

Found on Specktra.net posted by Ka-ron

Found on Specktra.net posted by Ka-ron

Fafi & Mac Collaboration @ Specktra.net

I am LOVING that lipstick.

Fashion Fever
Nenz web-log

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Fafi Press Day

yay for browsing along and finding more links to the Fafi Collection on Specktra!!!

Specktra blog reader CedriCeCCentriC posted links to images of the collection on Specktra’s blog, and Janice posted them here!!

They’re fantastic. The pictures are just darling and the palettes look adorable. I can’t wait to see closeups of the product images!

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Exclusive information MAC Fafi & The Originals from Specktra!

Look what I found posted on Specktra…

Ok, i said i would give you guys some more info and now it’s time to deliver! Enjoy!! Slimshine Lipsticks – Comes out same time as ‘The Originals’ Pretty much same as last time but there are 7 new colours and 13 repromotes, in total there are 20 colours. Repromotes are:
Long Stem Rose
Lovey Dover
Ultra Elegant
Most Wanted

MAC for Fafi – Set for release 3rd February 08 (in Australia)

6x Lipstick (LE)
4 x Lipglass (LE)
2 x Eyeshadow Quad
6 x Paint Pots (LE)
1 x Fluidline (Repro: Blacktrack)
2 x Eye Kohl (Repro: Smolder, Fascinating)
1 x Zoomlash Mascara (Repro: Zoomblack)
2 x Blush (LE)
2 x Iridescent Powder (1 LE, 1 Repro: Belightful)
2 x Nail Lacquer (LE)
#210 Brush – Precision Eyeliner Brush (LE)
#129 Brush (Repro)
#208 Brush (Repro)
#182 Brush (Repro)
3 x Fafinette character dolls
3 x Fafinette character bag

Packaging will be glossy black with either Fafinette characters or Fafinette signature on Iridescent Powder, Blush, Lipstick, Lipglass and Eyeshadow Quads.

Mineralize SPF15 Foundation/Loose – 3rd March 08 (in Australia)

‘Lightweight loose powder foundation. Provides medium buildable to full coverage with natural finish. Zinc provides excellent skin adhesion for flawless application. Talc free for sensitive skin.’

There will be 9 different shades and the foundations will come in a matte black 8.5g jar with Capplicator sponge (sponge built into cap), there is an additional sponge included. These are LE.

Strobe Liquid, Strobe Lip Conditioner & Tinted Lip Conditioner Sticks

– Strobe Liquid (Liquid version of the wonderful Strobe Cream)
– Strobe Lip Conditioner (Packaged in stick form)
– Tinted Lip Condtioner Sticks in 4 different colours

Beauty Powder Blush

A micronized powder blush with a subtle pearlize pigment. Sheer application.

8 x Beauty Powder Blush (LE)
#169 Brush (Repro – from Raquel)
#116 Brush (Repro)

I think I should stop there for now, i’ve got a bit more goss on Heatherette and Viva Glam but I don’t wanna spoil it too much for you!

I will tell you one thing though, Studio Moisture Cream is being re-released in the new packaging (jar) in April!

Source Miss Emc @ Specktra!

I love me some Slimshines. LOVE the feel of them. I hate regular lipstick and always feel like it’s too heavy for me, so the formula for the Slimshines is perfect, imo.

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What’s that? More Fafi details?

Miss Emc over at Specktra revealed today that there will be three Fafi Dolls plus bags with Fafi prints released in this collection.

After reading that, I bopped over to Fafi’s website and got even more excited for this collection.

Miss Emc’s post in the Discussion thread on Specktra.

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More Fafi info from Miss Jeffreys

The Brief
Spring 2008 colors are going to peaches, pinks, terracotta, bronze shimmers, mushrooms, (taupe and brown shades & tones,) indigo (blue) liner & shadow, icy colors (white & pink shimmers, iridescents, metallics, etc,.) and plumbs & purples for eyes & lips.From what I could see MAC is really banging out some new paint pots, lipsticks, shadows and collaborative collections. The MAC for FAFI is going to be sick just because of the packaging. The quad form this collection has to be the biggest I’ve seen come from MAC (although we weren’t that impressed with the colors available by shoot time) and the plum lipstick that comes with it, is not cute at all!! Although there was this pink shimmer lipstick (that looked Heatherette, ‘cept for the packaging.) Laura Mercier has her color story ready for Spring. Lots of luscious powders, shadows, blushes and lippies. Shu is doing for MODE makeup this spring, lots of peach & pink colors coming from them. Of course the drugstore brands were represented, but untouched.

I’m not going to lie, I’m thrilled with the idea of this collection. I think if it compares to its full potential, it’s going to be MAC’s best in a long time. I could be wrong, but I really really hope I’m not.

Source: Miss Jeffreys Makeup: Spring 2008.


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