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Fafi Product images…

Oh my golly look at these!!! Thank you Ka-ron @ Specktra.net for posting these images! They’re freaking awesome. How fantastic does this collection look? Really? Oh wow.

Found on Specktra.net, posted by Ka-ron

Found on Specktra.net posted by Ka-ron

Found on Specktra.net Posted by Ka-ron

Found on Specktra.net posted by Ka-ron

Found on Specktra.net posted by Ka-ron

Fafi & Mac Collaboration @ Specktra.net

I am LOVING that lipstick.

Fashion Fever
Nenz web-log


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MAC and A Mei!

Thank you Risser! You’ve again brought a scoop to the boards and shown us the goodies!A Mei for MAC thanks Risser @ Specktra.net!

Source @ Specktra.net

Ok, I admit I wasn’t excited about this collection…but the packaging is SO DIFFERENT from anything MAC has done that I can recall that I’m kind of excited about it.
Specktra’s thread also has A Mei face charts here, so be sure to check it out!


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MAC N Color Collection…

ooooo More images from the N Color Collection! I don’t know product names or anything detail wise on these pics yet, but Aziajs on Specktra just posted these here!!!!!

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MAC Originals collection

Utter Pervette Soft pastel pink (lustre)
Nouveau-frou Beigey grey pink with white pearlized pigments (lustre)
Rozz Revival Watermelon reddish-pink (lustre)
Sandy B Light shell pink (frost)
Russian Red Intense bluish-red (matte)

Retrofluid Sheer deep plum with gold and red pearlized pigments (lustre)
Back to Del Rio Deep brown red (lustre)
Supersequin Plummy pink with silver pearlized pigments (lustre)
Twig Twig Neutral brown plum (lustre)
Chintz on Chintz Sheer mid-tone yellow brown (lustre)

Full On Lust Neutral brown pink (cream)
Nico Now Mid-tone grey purple with multi-coloured pearlized pigments (frost)
Avarice Mid-tone yellow red with soft red pearlized pigments (cream)
Real Desire Deep plum with red pearlized pigments (frost)
C-Thru Soft peached-beige with shimmer (cream)

Daisychain Soft yellow-beige with soft white pearlized pigments (satin)
Ochre Style Mid-tone yellow brown with gold (frost)
Frisco Soft pastel pink (matte)
A Little Folie Mid-tone red brown (matte)
Clue Mid-tone grey with silver pearlized pigments (frost)
Alum Mid-tone blue grey with soft blue pearlized pigments (satin)

Charred Deep steel grey with silver pearlized pigments (frost)
Memorabilia Mid-tone purple (matte)
Parrot Deep aqua blue with bright green and blue pearlized pigments (frost)

Eye Pencils
Indigo Muted greenish-blue
Coffee Muted brown
Ebony Soft black

Kitschmas Light airy shimmering pink mauve with pearlized pigments (frost)
Violet Vivid bright purple (frost)
Golden Olive High frosted green gold (frost)
Melon Soft bright golden peach (frost)
Steel Blue Rich deep turquoise green blue with small pearlized particles (pearl)

Reflects Blackened Red Sparkling burgundy
Reflects Very Pink Sparkling fuchsia pink
Reflects Transparent Teal Sparkling white with turquoise
Reflects Antique Gold Sparkling taupe

Source @ Specktra.net

Ok let me just say this: There are more than a couple of things I’m feening for from this collection. I’ve swatched Parrot to try to show you just just how fantastic the color really is, I hope it meets everyone else’s expectations during this release. I’ll be buying that.

I haven’t any experience with the older MAC shadows, so I’m excited seeing colors like Daisychain and Clue. I may have to let my wallet breath a bit now that I’m *almost* through Christmas shopping. Poor wallet.

ANYWAY…supposedly this collection is meant to bring back and repromote colors that we all love but missed out on, but with a slight tweak. MAC switched formulas around just a bit to give them an extra ‘push’.

I can’t wait to see how it all looks!

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